Wooden Music Box

A beautiful and wonderful gift that can cheer up everyone with the legendary music they love to listen to!

Handcrafted With Love

Our handmade music box is meticulously crafted from the finest quality.

This cute tiny music box is assembled by hand and fits right into the palm of an average adult. It's the perfect gift for pop-jazz classics music-lovers. 

Mechanical Movement

The music box does not need a battery, it’s mechanical. Turn the handle of the music box to listen to beautiful continuous music.

The faster you turn, the faster it plays. The slower you turn, the slower it plays. The beauty is finding the perfect pace. It’s very easy to master.

Vintage Design

The music box’s surface is exquisite wood carving. Open the lid and you can see the mechanical movement. It’ll fill you or your friend with nostalgia.

The surface of the music box is beautifully carved with perfection.

The Perfect Gift

It sounds clear and pleasant. It’s a unique gift for every occasion. Give this gift to yourself or your friend.

Its portable and light design is so cute that you can place the musical box on the palm of your hand, desk, or anywhere.

Size: 6.4cm x 5.2cm x 4.2cm

Package Included:

1 x Wooden Music Box