Wine Lover's Set


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What do you get?

1. A commercial grade foil cutter that will cleanly and quickly remove any kind of foil or wax covering the cork.

2. One of our BEST SELLING wine opener pumps that uses simple air pressure to POP any cork out of the bottle without breaking the cork.  No more cork in your glass!

3. The BEST wine aerator on the market.  Adds value to each bottle of wine by softening the tannins, increasing the fruit flavor, mellowing out the spices, saving you hours of decanting, all from introducing oxygen in this patented way!

4. Make your wine last longer than simply corking it!  Corking a bottle may buy you a day or two but with this wine preserving pump it'll stay fresh for 7 whole days!


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Pops the tops off of any bottle quickly and cleanly.

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Please Note:

Due to incredibly high demand, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

All changes and cancellations must be done within 24 hours of ordering.

Please double check your shipping address is inputted correctly. If entered incorrectly, your order may not be delivered and the order will not be resent.

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