Windscreen Wonder

If you think a clean windshield is just too much of a stretch,thenyou need theWindscreen Wonder, an ultimate wiping wand with a Microfiber Cleaning Bonnet at the end of a curved plastic shaft.

The Windscreen Wonderis designed to keep you from having to twist and contort to clean interior windows, even in an automobile! The handle is made of High Grade ABS Plastic and it has a pivoting head withan angled end so you can easily get into hard to reach spots.

To use it, simply slip one of the microfiber bonnets on the head, spray with water, and start washing!TheWindscreen Wonder isgreat for fog and moisture removal, and when you're done, the detachable handle fits in a glove box.

7.25 x 2.38 x 12.50 inches
Microfiber & High Grade ABS Plastic

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