Vegetable Spiral Slicer Cutter

Tired of pasta?

With the NEW Vegetable Spiral Slicer Cutter, you can Instantly get carbs-free pasta without any problems!

With just a few twist, anything that goes in spirals out as a Perfect dish of vegetable pasta.

The Vegetable Spiral Slicer Cutter is made with Extra Durable ABS Plastic and the inner blades are made with High Quality Stainless Steel.

This double combination gives you the ability to twist ALL kinds of firm vegetables, including carrots, radish, cucumber, and much more!

The Vegetable Spiral Slicer Cutter is built with the blades hidden inside the body, making it Extremely Safe to use.

The ergonomic grip allows you to experience a firm grip by just holding onto the body.

Simply adjust the spiral blades, you could get either thick or thin strand size. You could even just wash it Easily under running water! This is a great tool for every kitchen lover!

2.76 x 2.76 x 5.32 inches
ABS Plastic & Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe:
Suitable For:
ANY Food with Diameter of 2.5 inches or Smaller

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