Ultimate Halloween LED Mask - Game Changer!

To Download the APP for all the patterns search
In either the Google Play or Apple App store



Product details

1. Product introduction
Name: Luminous Mask
Size: 22*18*5cm
LED lamp beads: 2074pcs
Pixels: 46*58 (irregular)
Battery Performance : 3 AA batteries
Product Material:ABS+PVC lens+Silica gel
battery Use time : 10 hours

2. Technical characteristics
①Rated capacity of this product is 2000mAh.
②This product needs to be used with the mobile phone APP (Mask).
③Adopting high power, high light, long life 2074 lamp beads and 2121 RGB LED lamp beads.
④Press the power button, and then cover the sensor switch with the hand, when display '' OK '' in the screen, then can use gestures to change the screen picture.
⑤Package Included:1* Mask,1*English Manual

Note: Because of transportation safety, we do not send 3PCS AA batteries, please buy at local stores

3. Introduction of the interface
APP name: Shining Mask
Operational guidelines:
① Go to the Google Play/APP Store, search "Shining Glasses" to download, Scan QR code download APP
②Turn on "Shining mask" APP, turn on Bluetooth-compatible

①The first time you open APP, you have permission options, please select permission
②If Android phone can not search for Bluetooth-compatible, please check if the location is open!

3. Connection equipment:
①Click " "→ Select the mask to control → Click the connection → Click on the blank area to enter the main interface MASK-XXX was the name of the device searched

4. Text editing
①Type text: Click on the preview box → select text color → input text content →OK, you can achieve a single text with different color effect.
② Text effect: Set text color, background color, effect (left, right, flicker), speed

5. Animation & Pictures
① Click Animation & Picture, send to mask in real time.
②The picture gallery contains 115 pictures.
③ You can also upload your own photos in DIY

①Custom Sketchpad: Select color, then light the lamp beads on the face mask, draw any patterns you want, and display them in real time.
② Local phone pictures or pictures taken can be uploaded to the mask

7. Music rhythm
①Automatically scan the local music and play it. You can choose different rhythm effects.
②Microphone Rhythm: In Rhythm mode, you can recognize other external sounds to control the lighting effect of mask.