12X Express Slicer

"The amazing gadget that gives the "me" time back!"

Who has time to cook a healthy meal for their family any more?

With work, kids, the endless shuttling of people back and forth from activity to homework, to sporting event, to you name it. 

Where is the time to actually prepare a nutritious meal you know you should be making for your family?

If only there was a way to cut prep time down, then you could cut back on the eating out, save some serious money, and maybe just maybe get more than 5 minutes to sit down at the end of the night.

The 12X Express Slicer can help you cut the prep time down to at least half, saving those precious 20 minutes each day lost to cutting, prepping, slicing, dicing, and all the other 'ings except for the one you need the most...


The 12X Express Slicer is the perfect kitchen helper to get your time back while aiding you in preparing the healthy home cooked meals you truly WANT to make each night.

It's so easy to use, making 12 effortless cuts and slices with every single turn.

Made with stainless steel blades and super safe plastic that will keep saving you time for years to come.

There's not many left in stock so avoid the back order list and get yours right now by clicking the add to cart button above!


Full Walkthrough Demonstration

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