Professional Nail Extension Kit



how to use:

1. First polish and clean the nails

2. Apply primer to nails and dry with light therapy machine

3. Choose the right nail mold, squeeze the extension glue on the nail mold

4. Spread the extension glue on the nail mold evenly with a phototherapy pen

5. Gently apply the painted nail mold to the nail

6. Use phototherapy lamp to illuminate 60s-120s

7. Gently swing left and right to remove the nail model

8. Use a flat shear to cut off the extra length or polish with a sanding strip

9. Crystal Extension Armor is completed


100% new retail and high quality

Suitable for UV gel nails, acrylic nails or natural nails.

Durable shiny coat helps strengthen nails

Suitable for professional use and personal use

Capacity: about 15ml

Color: as shown

Package Included:

The package includes: 1 * extended gel + nail mold + phototherapy pen + nail file + phototherapy lamp