Poseidon's Fury Crystal Whiskey Glass

Unique & Sophisticated Craftsmanship

Malviner pieces are handcrafted into elegant works of art by the company’s master glassblowers. The resulting legacy of quality and beauty makes our products a showpiece for any home.

Whiskey Glasses That Fit Perfectly in the Hand
Malviner whiskey glasses sit beautifully in small and large hands. Their European influenced design offers timeless sophistication as well as contemporary flair.

Stunning, Ultra Clarity, 100% Lead-Free Glassware
The carefully crafted Malviner whiskey glass set is elegant and smooth to drink from. The high-grade glass ensures that the whiskey maintains its temperature, enhancing the pleasure of every sip.

An Impressive Addition to the Well-Stocked Bar
Malviner is a fine addition to your own home bar for both entertaining and everyday use. Savor your favorite fine whiskey and spirits, and then enjoy worry-free clean up without fear of damage.


- Sold as a Set of One Glass

- Material: 100% Ultra Clarity Lead-Free Crystal Glass

- Dimensions: 9.5cm tall, 9.0cm diameter, 7.5cm diameter at rim

- Total capacity approx. 11.8 fl. oz. Recommended pour 1.50-2.25 fl. oz.

- Weight: 534 grams (that's heavy)

- Concave lip: formed to fit the lower lip of the mouth elegantly

- Faceted base: allows one to hold the glass without getting fingerprints on the bowl

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