Why spend the money on a salon pedicure, when you can do it by yourself, and yield a Better Result? With the Wow! PediPet, you canquickly get your feet ready for the Sandal Season, saving bunch of time and money at the same time!

Say goodbye to your rough, dry and calloused skin, because the Wow! PediPet can get rid of them in seconds! All you need to do is to gently roll through the calloused area, and the spinning rollers will buff them off instantly.

The Wow! PediPet has a unique spinning roller that spins in 360o, a way more Effective & Risk-Free method than usingmetal scrapers. Start showing off your smooth and touchable feet now by grabbing one of our Wow! PediPetnow!

Make your feet young again! Get extra balance & comfort by wearing the Strutz Arch!


The Wow! PediPet DOES NOTapply to the following users:

  1. People who arediagnosedwithdiabetes.
  2. People who have poor blood circulation.
  3. Skin that is red, irritated, inflamed, infected or blistered.
  4. Children who are under 13 years old.
  5. If you have any skin conditions or medical issues, please consult with your physician before using it.
2.3 x 1.3 x 6.1 inches
2 AA Batteries
3.0 V
Suitable For:
Home / Travel

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