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Mighty Putty

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With thisWow! Mighty Putty, you can now you repair anything - yes, ANYTHING!

The Wow! Mighty Puttyis specially designed to be a perfect tool forfor anything from your smallest DIY craft projects to your largest home gadget improvements.

The bond is so strong that it could hold up to 350 lbs.


This is the easiest solution to fix, fill and seal almost ANYsurface, and make it last permanently.

Just like a clay, the Wow! Mighty Puttycan be molded into anyshape, and apply to any surface for everlasting bond!

The secret lies behind the powerful bonding epoxy stick that seals any leaks without falling out. You could even repair wood, ceramics, metal, and much more!

It doesn't limit your imagination. Once it hardens on the surface, you can make it as beautiful as you wish by sanding it, painting it, or even drilling it. Easy as that!

1, 2, 3, AND DONE!

All you need to do is 3 simple steps to start fixing your households - Simply cut whatever size you need, activate by pressing it and then apply! Sit back and relax, you'll then get something surprisingly good!

We're giving out offer! Grab this golden opportunity to buy theWow! Mighty Puttyat thespecial discount rate listed abovenow!

4.2 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches
Clay, Linseed Oil, Limestone, Fish or Oil Blends
Strong Epoxy

Due to incredibly high demand, please allow 2-5 weeks for delivery.

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