Massage Roller Ball

Are you tired of feeling sore every time you come home? Would you like to enjoy a soothing massage without the high cost?

Reduce muscle fatigue and eliminate soreness affordably anywhere and anytime with Massage Roller Ball!


This unique massage and muscle relaxation tool comes with a built-in soft silicone ball that glides across your skin with ease and convenience. It provides you a stimulating, deep tissue massage, and is designed to reach sore shoulders, neck, upper back, arms, legs and relieve foot pain.  Improves blood circulation in the body to enhancing blood flow and improving body function. It will bring you relaxation.  Of course, you can choose to use oils and massage lotions when using this tool! Or keep it in your freezer for use as a cold ball massager too.  


  • Great Relaxing Massage Roller Ball: Enhance blood circulation and blood flow by controlling the pressure of your hand. The Massage Roller Ball can relieve muscle soreness and promotes body recovery, help relax back stiffness and shoulder soreness.
  • High-Quality Massage Roller: This roller ball is made from high-quality resin that is durable and long-lasting, safe on the skin, and contains no harmful chemicals. Can be used with massage oils and lotion.
  • Unique Design: 360-degree spin design presents you with a dreamy soothing massage trip. Just lay back and relax, these rollers will remove the stress and knots by simply rolling right over knots. It is good for arthritis sufferers as no need to use their hands for a massage for longer periods of time.
  • Wide Application: Perfect for professional athletes or home uses. This massage roller ball is designed to reduce sore head, shoulders, neck, upper back, arms, legs and relieve foot pain. Or combine with naturally soothing and healing essential oils.
  • Portable and Easy to Clean: Fits in the palm of your hand and can be carried in your purse, briefcase, or backpack. Can be washed with water and soap.


  • Material: Resin
  • Color: Deep green, pink, purple, blue (Optional)
  • Size: 6 * 6cm / 2.36 * 2.36in (D * H)
  • Weight: 141g / 4.95oz

Package Included:

1 x Massage Roller Ball