Mama Nessie Colander Ladle


Out of the deep pot comes the Mama Nessie Colander Ladle! Rising from the steamy mist of your cooking pot, it keeps watch over your stew!

Whenever your pasta, stew or veggies are done cooking, the Mama Nessie Colander Ladle will be right there to help lift them out of the pot and into the bowls! You might even notice that your kids will eat everything if you set a Nessie right at their place on the table...even the evil broccoli!

But hey, believe it or not, this is little Nessie Ladle's mom! With four feet below, it stands upright in pots. It comes with draining holes like a colander so that you can scoop out everything leaving out the water.

The Mama Nessie Colander Ladle is made of Toughened Food-Safe Nylon, and can withstand up to 200C / 392F. It is 100% BPA-Free, so you don‰۪t need to worry about food safety!


The Mama Nessie Colander Ladle dislikes the microwave. Keep it away from any microwave! Pair it with the Nessie Ladle for ladling soup!

Toughened Food-Safe Nylon
11.4 x 4.7 x 4.3 inches / 29 x 12 x 11 cm
Cute, Eco-Friendly, Food-Safe
Suitable For:
Hot Soups

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