Lemon Squeezer

Why waste all your time squuzing lemons, when we have the Wow! Lemon Squeezer for you right here?

With theWow! Lemon Squeezer, you can enjoy your freshly-squeezed lemon juice without batteries, electricity, or even other hard-to-operate juice squeezers!

As easy as 3 quick steps, theWow! Lemon Squeezer allows you to squeeze out lemonjuice, at the same time flushing outany seeds or pulp, giving you the Best Pure Lemon Juice!

This tool is extremely safe to be in the kitchen. It does not have sharp ends or sharp edges - you can even let your kids use it!

The color of yellow is inspired by fun lemon citrus color, and the color of green matches the juicy feel of vegetables.

The body is crafted from Sturdy Aluminum, making it extra durable while you use it. The handles are carefully designed to be Non-Slip & Pressure-Absorbing.

Lemon squeezing is not only fun right now, it is Extremely Easy!

What's more? You can even use theWow! Lemon Squeezer to juice out limes and small oranges!

If you know a kitchen enthusiast who already have everything else in their kitchen, this would be the BEST GIFT EVER for them, because it saves them tons of trouble squeezing lemons!

8.8 x 3.0 x 2.0 inches
3 inches

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