LED Light Strips with Motion Sensor


Customize your space with function and flash with the most advanced LED strips you'll ever buy.

  • Every strip has 60 bright LED's (TWICE as much as any standard LED Strip) that light up when the sensitive PIR sensor sees your nearby movement.
  • With a sensing range of over 1.5 meters, you can put these lights ANYWHERE you want, even the CEILING!
  • Completely Customizable. Only need space for 2.5 meters? No worries! These lights can be cut to any length you want.

  • Whether you put these clever LED lights in your room, closet, staircase, cupboard, kitchen, stairs, you name it, you can easily adjust a timer for them to turn off with just the click of a button. This can be anywhere from 15 seconds all the way up to 5 minutes after no movement has been sensed.

Product Description :

  • Number of lamp beads -1 meter-60LED
  • Induction distance: 2-4 meters
  • Working mode: human body infrared sensor + light control + long light mode + timing function
  • Battery case material: ABS, light strip material: silicone
  • Battery model: AAA * 4(Not included) Voltage: 1.5v
  • Induction time can be adjusted: 15s (15 seconds)-5m (5 minutes), from-to +, if not set, the default is 15-20s