LCD Display Wine Thermometer

Enjoy your favorite wine best when it’s chilled to perfection to its most ideal drinking temperature, make sure you get the right reading, use this LCD Display Wine Thermometer!

This LCD Display Wine Thermometer is a collar-shaped thermometer on a stainless steel plate. It has a built-in LED screen that displays the temperature in colorful numbers so it’s easy to read. 

Stylish and innovative design, this wine thermometer is simple and practical to use, which works without batteries. Simply snapped onto the bottle and the figures on the crystal display illuminate the bottle temperature.

It can safely and accurately test the temperature, including body temperature, water temperature, gas, and various solid surfaces. Suitable for testing the temperature of milk bottles, wine bottles, beverages, refrigerators, kettles, fish tanks, water tanks, indoors, cars, etc. Welcome to make samples.

  • This handy wine thermometer shows your wine's temperature, also marks the best serving temperature for different types of wine.
  • This wine thermometer works without batteries.
  • With a large LCD display, easy to read colorful numbers.
  • Uses high-tech thermal technology so it’s safe and harmless, it does not need batteries, does not need to be charged, and does not contain mercury.
  • Stainless steel flexible panel that’s easy to clip on bottles.
  • Reads temperatures from 4 to 24 degrees.


Material: Stainless steel
Color: Photo Color (as picture shows)
Dia.: 6cm/2.36inch, Bracelet Width: 3.7cm/1.46inch
Temperature range: 4~24
Package Included:
1 x LCD Display Wine Thermometer