Inflatable Travel Pillow

Need A Good Nap But You Are Stuck In A Car, A Plane Or In Your office?

This Inflatable Travel Pillow is everything you need to get the best night sleep on a long trip. This is the only airplane pillow that supports the upper body and keeps the spine aligned, so you can drift off to a pain-free nap. Unlike most neck pillows, this product also supports your head, chin, arms, and neck. The inflatable pillow is flexible in use, allowing you to find the position best suited for your relaxation. 

This pillow inflates and deflates rapidly with little effort: 6 to 8 breaths and the pillow is ready for use, with simple 1-press deflation. This soft and cozy velvet type material is 100% Enviro Flocking PVC. Whether you're small, large, or a kid - it suits everyone. A perfect gift for a wanderlust looking for their next adventure to the other side of the world. 

You will finally reach your destination happy and well-rested so that you can start your adventure right away! 

  • This bag is ultra-light with a small carry bag and you can take it anywhere!
  • These materials are eco-friendly and have a washable cover.
  • It provides you with a soft touch feeling and ergonomic design.
  • Allows you to watch movies or play games on your phone within the pillow.
  • Can be used as a safety airbag in case of emergency.
  • It has a double seal valve cover to prevent air leakage.
  • Made of ultra-breathable fabric without harmful materials, soft and comfortable.
  • This inflatable pillow is ergonomically designed, offers support for optimal health of the spine lumbar vertebrae, and also helps relieve fatigue.
  • With the high utility, suitable for travel, camping, resting at office or home, etc.


  • Material: PVC flocagem
  • Color: blue / gray / black / brown / purple
  • Size: 30x35x55cm

Package Included:

1x Pillow
1x Bag