Green Bag


With the Green Bag, you can preserve the freshness and prolong the life of fruits, vegetables, baked goods, and even snacks! This Revolutionary bags are reusable up to 10 times, saving you lots of money and conventional produce bags!

Every Green Bag is made with 100% BPA-Free material, in other words, it is Extremely Risk-Free! It is specially designed to keep you food fresh and nice for approximately 30 days.

With the Green Bag, you can reduce vitamin loss of your fruits by more than 50%, simply because it prevents excess moisture. It prevents the growth of bacteria as well, keeping the food fresher, longer, to save more money and reduce waste.


The package includes 1 Large Bag and 10 Small Bags!

5.8 x 0.8 x 10 inches
Food Grade Polyethylene & Natural Mineral
Food Safe:
Suitable For:
Any Vegetables, Fruits, Snacks, Baked Goods

Please Note:

Due to incredibly high demand, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

All changes and cancellations must be done within 24 hours of ordering.

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