Food Huggers (Set of 4)


When it comes to preserving your fruits, nothing will be better than theFood Huggers! These huggers comes in 4 different sizes, and each of them fit Perfectly on a variety of cut fruits and vegetables such aslemons, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes and many more!

Besides using it for cut fruits and vegetables, theFood Huggers are great tools to reseal open jars and cans too! It is Tight and Leak-Proof, thanks to the Flexible Silicone Rubber material.

The BPA-Free huggers' main function is to help extend the shelf life of your unused fruits and vegetables, and it is way better than using the wasteful plastic wrappers.


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Small:1.75 inches Diameter
Medium:2.25-inches Diameter
Large: 2.5-inches Diameter
Huge: 3-inches Diameter

4 Different Sizes
Flexible Silicone Rubber
Eco-Friendly, Easy To Use
Dishwasher Safe:
Suitable For:
Any Fruits and Vegetables

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