Eyebrow Epilator Trimmer - Facial Hair Remover - Painless eyebrow epilator Pink

Experience The Most Beautiful  Eyebrows of Your Entire Life!

The Brand-New Edition of The Eyebrow Epilator Is Finally Here!


No More Painful Tweezers and Waxing Treatments!

Let’s face it, getting those perfectly shaped eyebrows can be a painful experience - no matter if you use basic tweezers, waxing treatments or spend a small fortune to visit a professional at a beauty salon. Eyebrow epilation can be tricky, painful and even expensive, but does it really have to be?

The answer is NO!

Now there’s a very simple and effective way to sculp the perfect eyebrows every time right from the comfort of your own home, and without the pain or cost of typical eyebrow epilation. Now thanks to the popular Eyebrow Epilator New Edition, you can INSTANTLY PAINLESSLYremove excessive eyebrow hair in a matter of seconds!


The Eyebrow Epilator New Edition is made with cutting-edge, micro-blade precision German Technology that offers you the benefits of creating smooth and stunningly beautiful eyebrows that are just as good (if not better!) than what you’d get at a high-end salon!

Plus, the Eyebrow Epilator New Edition even works great on removing pesky and unwanted facial hair as well!

This amazing Eyebrow Epilator fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, and gently and easily removes unwanted hair right at the root! Thanks to this advanced technology, you can use the Eyebrow Epilator New Edition every day, and without the typical side-effects of redness, irritation or even minor cuts.


5 Simple Steps To Get The Best Eyebrows of Your Life!

Step #1: Remove the epilator protective cap.

Step #2: Click the button to power the epilator to on.

Step #3: Pull skin tight, place the epilator against your skin flat, no angle.

Step #4: Gently and slowly move the epilator around the area you want to treat.

Step #5: All done! Power off the epilator, clean any hair on the device and put the cap back on!


The Eyebrow Epilator New Edition Comes Loaded With
Amazing Features and Benefits Made Just For You!

  • It fits perfectly and conveniently in your very own makeup bag or small purse!
  • Easy to use! Hold it in your hand like a pencil, use it just like an eraser on your skin!
  • Precision micro-blade technology removes the smallest hairs with NO pain or cuts!
  • Remove excessive hair at the root level! Enjoy freshly smooth skin without any irritation!
  • Enjoy the most beautiful eyebrows of your life, right from the comfort of your own home!



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