Explorer - The Waterproof Rechargeable Survival Lighter

Is it really weatherproof?

Yes, this lighter is completely water, snow, and wind proof. Even after being completely submerged in water or snow with the cap open, the lighter will still immediately light, we guarantee it.

How often do I need to charge it?

Each charge via the provided USB cable results in 300+ lights, depending on the duration and frequency of each light.

"Instead of using fluid or friction to start a flame, these lighters, which contain a lithium ion battery, create a small electrical "arc" that's much hotter than an open flame." - from Business Insider article

1. No Fuel = No Leaks

Let's face it; traditional lighter fuels inevitably leak and evaporate over time. What is worse than storing a lighter away to find that its fuel reserve is dry when you really need it?

Since most people store these items away for use in emergency and survival situations, it doesn't make sense to rely on fuel in these circumstances.

Charge the Point Below Waterproof USB Lighter one time, store it away, and live peacefully knowing you'll be prepared when the time comes. Yes, we've tested the lighter, and it successfully holds a charge after at least 6+ months of storage with no use.

2. Stands Up to All Weather

There is nothing worse than a water droplet making its way into the lighting mechanism of a fuel lighter, rendering it completely useless until dry. Depending on your circumstances, complete dryness can take hours to achieve.

This lighter can be completely submerged in water, with the lighting mechanism exposed, and still light  immediately after. This makes the Point Below USB Lighter the best option for trips in uncertain weather.

We even buried the lighter 3 ft into snow, waited an hour, and it still lit! 

3. Robust & Durable

This lighter is exceptionally robust & durable, and has been put through numerous tests through customers around the world. It has been dropped onto concrete from high distances with no damage, making it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who may face unpredictable environments.