Electric Rechargeable Lighter

The Electric Rechargeable Lighter is a windproof USB rechargeable portable candle lighter. It has no flame, produces an electric plasma pulse to ignite the fire. It can be used for multiple purposes and can be easily charged by a USB charger.

  •  Flameless: The Electric Rechargeable Lighter has no flame. It is an electric charger that produces a pulse to ignite flammable things.
  •  High Safety: This rechargeable lighter provides you high-pitched protection. You have to open the safety lock at the bottom of the lighter and press the button. To provide protection, the spark will automatically stop for more than 7 seconds.
  •  Safe Modern Design: It has a safety lock, ignition switch, electric quantity indicator light, and a hang buckle.
  •  Rechargeable: The Electric Rechargeable Lighter supports USB charging. It can be charged effortlessly by computers, laptops, mobile power, and so on. When charging, the LED light is on, and the LED light will be automatically turn off when the lights are fully charged.
  •  Pulse Ignition: It is suitable for household use, candles, mosquito coils, charcoal, etc. It features air-less ignition, oil-less ignition, and anti-strong wind.
  •  Portable Design: It has a very sleek and slim design, suitable for camping, BBQ, outdoor parties, hiking indoor, and outdoor activities.

How does it work?

The Electric Rechargeable Lighter is effortless to use without any trouble. You need to press the button, and it will start work. It can be recharged and used thousands of times, keeping the environment safe from gases and pollution.


Material: Metal
Charging/lifetime: 40min

Package Included:

1 x Electric Rechargeable Lighter