World's Best Egg Timer


The Egg Timer can account for the amount of water, the number of eggs, and even the altitude you cook at, because the timer sits in the pot with the eggs! It knows everything!

With the Egg Timer, you can ensure that your eggs will be cooked Exactly as you like them to be.

Extremely Easy to Use. Just place it in the pot with your eggs and begin to boil!

To clean it, simply just let it cool back down to room temperature, then hand wash it to clean it.

The Egg Timer is built with a Color-Changing Interior System, and is specially designed to indicate when your eggs are soft, medium and hard.

It makes it easy for Anyone to use!

No more guessing. It tells you exactly when to stop boiling!

3.8 x 1.5 x 5.9 inches
BPA Risk-Free Plastic
To Boil Perfect Egg
Suitable For:

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