Dustomatic Miracle Attachment

Cleaning dust in your house and car has never been this easy!

Save time and money with DUSTY! The ultimate cleaning tool that will let you clean even the narrowest spot with ease!


Dust is crucial for allergies! It's essential to clean all the dust collected throughout your furniture and car. Using this tool will allow you to clean all the dust within few minutes.




- SAVE TIME: No need to take out the small objects to clean just clean it without worrying about it!

- SAVE MONEY: Vacuum your car without having to go to the car wash.

- Universal: It's compatible with any vacuum just simply exchange the tip of the vacuum. Note: Dyson needs an additional adapter.

- Most Handy Tool: The most effective way to clean out the dust.

- Extremely flexible: The tube is completely flexible so it will fit into hard to reach spots with ease!



Tired of the dust collected inside your house? No worries! This ultimate cleaning tool is just the right fit for you! Featured with a universal design it will attach to any vacuum with ease allowing powerful suction. Also, Its so flexible that it will fit into any AC vents to clean the hidden dust. Perfect for cleaning the dust collected on your desk, blinder, plants, and lot more. Completly efficient yet most effective way to clean dust!

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