DogCalm - Anti-Anxiety Calming Dog Bed

? Highest Rated Dog Bed
? Calms Your Dog’s Anxiety
? Super Comfy For Old Dog’s Joints


Get your fur kids the Calming Bed today and let them rediscover good night's sleep! Our Calming bed was designed to help with anxiety.

Proven to ease anxiety - Our Calming bed can help relax and ground your fur kids. This concept is known to therapists, who have been using it for decades to help ease anxiety. The raised rim creates a sense of security. And activate the nervous system in a positive way which allows your fur kids to calm down faster, relax more easily, and sleep more soundly.

Extra comfort - ideal for pets who love to curl up! The raised rim provides head and neck support, while the super-soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief.

Ultra soft vegan fur fabric - is made from ultra soft vegan fur. It is one of the comfiest materials. And is what baby blankets are made from! Its long fibers are soft durable, and machine-washable.

Luxury design - luxury design and look make this Calming Bed a great addition to accommodate the design of any home.

Easy to clean - every bed is safe in the washing machine and dryer (Machine wash, gentle cycle. Tumble dry, low heat).



Recommended Sizes Estimate only (P/S. You must not choose bed based on weight only)
50cm Up to 15 lbs / 6.8 kgs
60cm Up to 25 lbs / 11.3 kgs
70cm Up to 35 lbs / 15.8 kgs
80cm Up to 45 lbs / 20.4 kgs
100cm 100lbs /45 kgs


50cm bed is ideal for small cats and very tiny dogs only. 60cm is ideal for cats and small dogs.

Having said that, you must measure your dog when it curls up, you should then be able to get an indication as to which size is perfect for your dog.

Please when making decision take into consideration of your dog's weight and size. Please order a size up for more room if this is what your dog prefers.

*Bed showing a Maltese-Shihtzu mixed is a 70cm bed; Bed showing a Pomeranian is a 80cm bed; Bed showing a French Bulldog is a 80cm bed

Please allow 2 - 3cm error.

Despite every effort to provide accurate images of each product's color and design, actual colors and design may vary slightly, due to different device screen settings and other factors.


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