CRBN - Men's Slim Wallet Carbon Fiber Money Clip


The CRBN is a minimalist, RFID blocking wallet. The sleek design and slim profile ensures a compact and lightweight everyday carry. The main card holder can hold 1-12 cards without stretching out, but can expand to fit more, providing an extremely thin wallet that isn't limited in its capacity. Contrary to typical leather wallets, The prince doesn’t tear, fade or tatter easily due to its luxury premium material finish. Built to compact & slim down everything in your wallet so you can experience functional luxury and look good doing it.


  • Expands to hold 1-12 cards
  • RFID-Blocking Materials
  • Quick Card Access Storage
  • Lightweight & Indestructible
  • Slim 9mm Profile
  • Premium Stretch-Weave


Both options secure your cash while keeping it easily accessible and the wallet as slim as possible. The Cash Strap is slightly slimmer, while the Money Clip has a more traditional feel.


We believe people carry too much every day. The Prince was designed with a focus on minimalism and functionality -- a wallet thats minimalist without being limiting -- so that you can carry less and always have what you need.