Copper Fit Back


The Copper Fit Back Pro is here not to only relief pain and sore, but also to provide maximum support for your lower back muscles. As the name mentioned, it is made with Ultra-Fine Infused Copper, which is the main pain reliever.

The Copper Fit Back Pro is specially designed for athletes, weekend warriors, or just anyone with an active lifestyle seeking for relief. You can always wear it with Maximum Comfort & Mobility, thanks to the Perfect Combination of Spandex & Polyester.

Due to the Adjustable Compression Straps, the Copper Fit Back Pro fits a large range of waist size from 39 inches to 50 inches, giving you a nice, firm compression around your waist. It is also designed for you to wear Everyday under your clothing and sports outfits for Maximum Agility & Movement, earning you more confidence in the process!

With the Copper Fit Back Pro, you minimize the risk of hurting your lower back muscles as you walk, stretch, bend and even run! It is built-in with High Quality Moisture-Wicking Fabric, absorbing ALL your sweat and odors at the same time, keeping you dry and confident during your active hours!

The Copper Fit Back Pro is uniquely designed for BOTH men and women. It Instantly flattens your belly area with the brace hugging you discreetly under your daily clothing. This is an extremely wonderful gift for people with a busy and high-energy lifestyle.

Ultra-Fine Infused Copper, 89% Polyester & 11% Spandex
Back Support, Relieve Muscle Pain, Posture Correction
98 x 17 cm
Hand Wash Only

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