Clothes Folding Board

  • [Time-saving, easy to use] 3 steps and 3 seconds to complete the work. Folding clothes can be very interesting, even your child will be happy to join! A good gift for your family and friends.

  • [Durable materials and vent design] Made of upgraded environmentally friendly PP materials, special durable materials, and strong toughness, which can be used for a long time. The ventilation holes are specially designed to reduce static adhesion and wrinkles so that the overall folding is neat and clean.

  • It is ideal for folding pants, shorts, pajamas, T-shirts, and thick clothes. It is an indispensable household tool for everyone without age restrictions: whether it is a child who is not familiar with manually folding clothes or an elderly person who cannot use his hands flexibly, it will be incredibly fun and easy to fold clothes.


Model: Clothes folding board
Material: Impact resistant PP composite plastic
Color: Random

Product Size:

Small: 47.8cm*40cm*0.2CM (Unfolded); 40*15*1.3cm (Folded) for kids
Large: 70cm*59cm*0.2CM (unfolded); 59.5*24*1.3cm (folded) for adults
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Quantity: 1 pc