Had a rough night and couldn't sleep well? Well, meet the Chillow - a pillow chiller thatensures you the Best sleep quality and brings you sweet dreams all night! Unlike typical pillow chiller, theChillow uses Cool Soft Materialinside, making it soft and squishy when you use it. It doesn't heat up by itself, and it won't get stiff over time.

The exterior of the Chillow is made out of Soft BPA-Free Water-Resistant Plastic, giving your skin an Instant Cooling! No pre-freeze needed, just use it whenever & wherever you want! All it does is just simple evaporation cooling process - itdraws heat from your head and then dissipates it back into the air using its large surface area.

The Chillow is the right choice toRelieve Night Sweats, Back Aches, Fever, Sunburn, Hot Flashes, Sore Feet, Restless Legs and many more! Especially for those who has Migraine, this is the best thing you need as you to go bed every single night!

If you're not sure about how to usethe Water Proof Case, please visit ourUser Guide Instructions for more information.

21 x 14 x 0.5 inches
Water Resistant Plastic
Not Required
Not Required

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