Amazing Electric Acupuncture Relief Pen


Experiencing unexplained body pains?

Discover how this Electric Acupuncture Pen can ease your body pains.

This Electric Acupuncture Pen uses electrical pulses to stimulate acupuncture points. A fusion of modern biotechnology that is safe and effective, with no side effects. It's effective at helping reduce or eliminate headaches, sports injuries, chronic pain, acute pain, pms, fatigue and more!

This pen has two operational modes:

(1) Dome type: Superficial therapy, which is applicable for health-care and facial beautification.
(2) Node type: Node therapy, which is applicable for partial body pains.

Electric Acupuncture Pen works without piercing the skin to do acupuncture. Totally safe, effective and easy to use.  Does not come with batteries (AA batteries).

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