4PCS Anti-Vibration Protective Washing Machine Foot Pads

Worried that your washing machine will wear out due to vibration?

Our Anti-Vibration Protective Washing Machine Foot Pads can help you. Install Anti-Vibration Protective Washing Machine Foot Pads to reduce the vibration of the washing machine and have a longer lifespan. The rubber material greatly reduces noise and gives you a quiet living environment.

The Anti-Vibration Protective Washing Machine Foot Pads are the best shock absorption and noise prevention design for your appliances. The top layer is made of sturdy material, which is very durable. The lower layer is rubber, wear-resistant, non-slip and soft. These shock pads can resist any movement of the washing machine, making it more stable.


The moisture-proof pad which has anti-friction can prevent the washing machine from "walking" or slipping. The non-marking shockproof pad can eliminate scuffs and scratches, and effectively protect the floor surface from damage when moving, shaking, or walking. Durable in damp or harsh environments, especially on cement or hardwood floors.


The strength of the shock-absorbing pad's micro-grip traction pattern reduces the washer or dryer's floor movement and greatly reduces the transfer of vibrations from your washer/dryer to the floor to help protect it from scuffs and scratches.


It can effectively reduce vibration that causes noise. Giving you a quiet washing experience.


It can raise the height of household appliances and furniture, prevent moisture and facilitate cleaning.


Our Anti-Vibration Protective Washing Machine Foot Pads in addition to being suitable for most types of washing machines can also be suitable for other appliances, such as clothes dryers, refrigerators, etc.; it can also be used as a footpad for other furniture, it is a good choice to install on a sofa or chair.



Installed without using any tools, just lift the appliance or furniture safely, and put the shock absorption non-slip foot pad under the feet of the appliance or furniture.


  • Material: Resin fiber plastic, TPU adhesive
  • Color: Grey+black
  • Size(Dia x H): About 85 x 44mm/3.3 x 1.7inch
  • Suitable size: Suitable for home appliances with a foot diameter less than 6 cm

Package Included:

4 x Anti-Vibration Protective Washing Machine Foot Pads