2PCS LED Magnetic Car Door Warning Light

Ensure safety for you, others, and your vehicle with this essential LED Magnetic Car Door Warning Light.

Opened car doors can constitute a hazard to other road users, especially so on dark, cloudy nights. You can now warn oncoming drivers, bikers, and pedestrians of an impending collision with your car doors by using this innovative LED warning light.

After you install this nifty tool to the inside of your door, it will flash automatically when your door is open and serve as a warning signal for other road users. And you can set up the device in a few seconds with a simple plug-and-play installation.

1. Easy to install, no wiring design, do not destroy the original car line, just plug and play.
2. Waterproof IP67, high-tech component sensing, superior endurance.
3. Powered by button battery, easy to replace with CR2032 button battery by yourself.
4. Magnet induction design, wireless, when the door is open, the flashing red light warns pedestrians or the rear of the vehicle to avoid accidents. Close the door and it turns off the light.
5. When the door is opened, the warning light flashes rapidly, warning the rear vehicle to avoid accidents and collisions when the light is dim.
6. For the safety of you and others at night, it is recommended to install car door warning lights.
7. This product applies to ALL models of cars. Not just cars, you can use it anywhere.

Power: 3V Button Battery
Placement on Vehicle: Front, rear, left, right
Material: ABS & Metal
Size: approx. 2.6 x 0.9cm/1 x 0.35inch (Dia.*H)
Light Color: Red,Yellow,Blue,Colorful
LED Quantity: 5LED
Waterproof Rate: IP67
Diameter: 26mm/1.02in
Placement: front/rear/right/left

Package Included:
2 x LED Warning Light
2 x 3V Button Battery
4 x Sticker