Directions - Selfie Drone

Let's see how to correctly connect the awesome JJRC H37 ELFIE RC drone to the JJRC RC App with the following steps:

Step 1. 

Start by scanning the QR code listed below that corresponds to your phone, or alternatively enter the official Apple store / Google Play store to search for the JJRC application.

Step 2. 

Download and install the JJRC App.

Step 3.

Take out your new drone and turn it over to its back. Open the battery cover and insert a charged battery. Carefully attach the electric pin of the battery's cable.

Step 4. 

Turn on the JJRC H37 ELFIE drone by pressing the Power button on the top side of the body. The colored light will flash once it has been powered on.

Step 5. 

On your smartphone, enter the Settings interface, and go to WiFi option. Turn on your WiFi and select theJJRC-xxxxxx SSID to connect to the drone (no password is required). If you cannot see the SSID, just be patient and the signal will be visible.

Step 6. 

Once the connection has been made, launch the JJRC App. The App interface will resemble the following image:

Step 7.

Tap the red CONNECT button to enter the main control panel.

A dynamic real-time image will be transmitted from the drone to your phone screen – you're successfully connected!

If the connection fails, the interface will display the default image as shown below. Just try again.

The connection is pretty easy, right? Just 7 quick steps and the cool JJRC H37 ELFIE Selfie Drone is connected to your phone App like a pro! Now, it's time to take your amazing drone outside, and enjoy its full potential - have a great time!