Dual-Colored Eyeshadow Perfection

Rock a two-toned eye makeup look with Dual-Colored Eyeshadow Perfection.

An innovative eye shadow that delivers a lasting, high-pigment, velvety finish. Applying two-color eyeshadow is a simple way to elevate your look.

Simply swipe once to create dual-colored eyeshadow without professional technique.
No fussy layering and blending


This gives you a shimmering and glittering effect that revives and brightens your eyes in just one swipe.

It comes with two gorgeous shades that create a perfectly dual blended gradient for easy application. 

Allows you to have stunning eye shadows in just seconds.
This allows you to save time and effort in achieving perfect eye shadows!



  • One-swipe Design: Include dual colors for instant gradient shading! Easy to create gorgeous, smooth gradient colors for delicate, natural eye makeup. No fussy layering and blending.


  • Elegant & Shimmery : Highly pigmented colors with exquisite glitters and smooth texture.


  • Long-lasting
    Lasts up to 15 hours with proper makeup preparation.
  • Waterproof & Smudgeproof


  • Easy to Apply & Remove: Shorten your makeup routine as you only swipe once to complete your eye makeup. Use makeup remover to remove it easily without leaving any glitter/ residue.


  • Compact to Carry
    Carry with you conveniently for makeup retouch everywhere.
  • Suitable for both daily make-up and professional makeup.



  1. Gently swipe the eyeshadow brush over the dual-color eyeshadow.
  2. Apply it over the eyeliner. (Darker color toward the inner eye and light color outward)
  3. Repeat brushing 2-3 times to blend for the best result.